Back in April, I wrote about Jessica Alba and The Honest Company acting like jerks towards a satirical parenting blog, The Honest Toddler. Click here for a refresher. At the time, The Honest Company took issue with the use of “honest,” but a mini social media backlash supporting The Honest Toddler quickly formed, and Alba & Co quickly backpedalled and even gave the blog a gift pack to give a reader. It seemed like The Honest Company learned their lesson, and quickly.

But no.

Since then, The Honest Toddler has had a book published and Darren Star (producer of Sex and the City) has optioned the rights to a TV show – a major accomplishment for a creative outlet that started as a Twitter feed in just 2012.

But with growth comes lawyer-y stuff, and The Honest Company has taken issue with the blog. Again.

I don’t pretend to be smart enough to understand the intricacies of trademark law (although the Montreal Gazette breaks down the issue clearly here and you can read the full letter sent to Mr. Star on The Honest Toddler Facebook page here.

Maybe The Honest Company is right. Maybe The Honest Toddler is completely justified, but no matter what the outcome, Jessica Alba comes off looking so f-cking dumb. Again.

The first time around, I said this: This is the danger of celebrities aligning themselves so closely with companies – there is no distinction between Alba and The Honest Company (which is how she wants it), so when the company acts like an asshole, she acts like an asshole.

Now that a very official-looking lawyer letter is up for the world to see, no one is worrying about the legalities of trademark infringement, because all people can talk about is how Jessica Alba’s company is trying to push around a little mom blog. It comes off as tacky and petty, and especially so considering that this is the second time the issue has come up.

The Honest Company looks like a disorganized and bumbling corporation, not a great company run by a busy mom that aims to be respectful, genuine, praiseworthy, humble and real (which is what they state on their FAQ page). Alba wants to sell her idea of family values, so with every public move The Honest Company makes, her values are going to come into question. The Honest Company doesn’t come off as genuine and humble, so neither does she.

In the long term, this chips away at Alba’s viability as a celebrity mom brand and moves her further away from her aspiration image and target demographic – moms who will not only buy her products, but tell their friends to as well.

Because right now, do you know who Jessica Alba is? The mom who other moms talk sh-t about on Facebook. A particularly embarrassing piece of the letter that is getting a lot of attention is this description of her: “Golden Globe-nominated actress and mother of two, Jessica Alba”. What the f-ck does a year 2000 nomination for Dark Angel have to do with the trademark?

You know what would have been respectful, genuine, praiseworthy, humble and real? Mentioning her multiple Razzie nominations.

Copy of the lawyer letter embedded below: