In all fairness, it’s been a kinder, gentler Jessica Alba of late. This is a girl who, once upon a time, stormed up and down Robson Street in Vancouver terrorising retailers, allowing her dog to piss and sh*t anywhere it wanted without cleaning up her own mess. My favourite Alba story though is from the set of Good Luck Chuck – she had finished shooting a scene and was sitting on a chair as a crew member walked by at which point she looked at him, lifted her leg and said:

You can take my boots off now.

It never gets old, does it?

Or maybe it does. Because since reports of her notorious attitude problems have circulated, Alba has done her best to rehabilitate her image. And her wardrobe too in an attempt to shed the sexpot and be taken seriously as an “actor”, going so far as to consider a stint on Broadway…much like Jennifer Garner, also soaring to great heights professionally – even higher than during her Alias days – thanks to a dimpled cutie called Violet.

Now it’s Jessica’s turn. Her publicist has confirmed to that she is pregnant with boyfriend Cash Warren and is due late spring/early summer. The two were spotted in great spirits at a basketball game the other day. Indeed she does have that glow.

Photos from splash