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Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2010 08:57:40 January 7, 2010 08:57:40

Don’t often like the Alba Bitch’s red carpet stylings. Last night however at the People’s Choice Awards – all over it. Love the dress so much. She’s growing out her fringe, the fuss-free, kinda dirty hair middle part works for me, and those shoes... for the pampered and indulged.

They’re so pretty. But so demonic. Just like the wearer.

You and I could save for a month or two, not eat or whatever, and buy these shoes, sure. The cost isn’t what makes them completely impractical. It’s the wearing that makes them completely impractical.

These people don’t have to walk. They don’t have to stand for much longer than it takes to pose on a red carpet. When a celebrity puts on a pair of shoes for a 3 hour evening, most of it is spent sitting down. Please. I could rock these every night sitting down too.

But this doesn’t happen for real people. Which is why I’ve taken to wearing chucks or bringing flips to red carpets. We wait there for these bitches for so long, my poor feet. If Laura’s producing however, she’ll make me put my shoes on when it’s time to go on camera. Because of the height difference. Last year at the Oscars, right after we wrapped our live show, I had to rush to the press room. The route I take every year to get over to that area cuts across the celebrity entrance into the Kodak. I was wearing a silver dress with 3 lanyards around my neck. I remember whipping off my heels, slipping into sneakers, grabbing my green Puma laptop bag (classy, right?) and running backstage. On the way, I had to nudge past Josh Brolin who looked down at my ensemble and smirked.

My point is – this would never happen to Jessica Alba.

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