Jessica Alba is making the press rounds in New York in support of the new Fockers movie. This is the first time she’ll be facing the media since that interview with Elle Magazine – click here for a refresher. Remember her sh-tting on writers? Remember she said real actors – she includes herself among them – don’t use the script? 

Then a few real writers started dumping on her. Click here if you missed it. And here for a great summary of why she’s the last f-cking person who should be disrespecting a writer. Or, for that matter, a director. Even first time directors. Which is who she chose to blame for her past sucking – on screen and not cock, what? Her? Never! – especially in that Fantastic Four movie during which she claimed she tried to cry and be sad during one scene and was shut down and told to look pretty instead. 

Oh but honey, that’s the only thing you’re good at...

So she made those comments in the context of her work. She’s working right now. It’s fair then to ask her about it, non? But who’s going to go there? 


This is what makes me crazy.

No one will. 

Her people will probably lay down the ground rules. Don’t ask about this. Don’t ask about. But please do, definitely ask about her DAUGHTER. Because that’s not personal at all, oh no. 

You know, they claim to object all the time to people taking pictures of their children. But they don’t object when those pap pictures are run on Or reprinted in the magazines. And they continue to grant interviews to those publications that do. That’s really where they should be throwing their weight around, isn’t it? 

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