The “chic and healthy” mom reads the WSJ

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 12, 2013 16:44:21 March 12, 2013 16:44:21

It’s only lunch. Try not to roll your eyes so hard you have to go home.

Here’s Jessica Alba on the morning show circuit in New York. She’s promoting her new book The Honest Life, evidently a companion to her company, The Honest Company -- green for baby, or something.

Here’s the headline that accompanied her interview video on Good Morning America:

Jessica Alba helps families stay chic and healthy

I had no idea that was an objective -- who goes around wanting a “chic family”? And who actually ARTICULATES that they’re hoping to be part of a “chic family”. It’s gross.

But I know they’re out there. And they see the Alba, clutching a copy of the Wall Street Journal, and that is the role model...?

For the “chic and healthy” mom, I guess it is.

A friend of mine forwarded a site to me the other day with the caption “Come ON!”

NessaLeeBaby -- have you heard of it? 

The first tab at the top: Shop By Celebrity, and then a long list of celebrity parents and all the baby products they’ve deliberately or not deliberately endorsed. Alba has 2 pages!

Motherhood Industrial Complex, see?

Also on The Today Show this morning...


Snooki talking about momming.

Motherhood, the ultimate whitewash, the grand slam of career moves. If Chris Brown grew a uterus and had a baby, they’d probably rally around him too.

Jackson Lee/ Splash

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