Jessica Alba’s Drug

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Jessica Alba covers Nylon March issue and a few excerpts and photos have been released to PEOPLE Magazine.

I love the picture of her in the plaid top and white blazer – I want those patchwork jeans so bad. (Jessica left stylist Brad Goreski for Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, founders of Current/Elliott – can you imagine how many good pairs of jeans she has?) She really looks great in casual clothes.

The article focuses on Alba’s career, and how freeing it is to be an actress because she can temporarily forget about her responsibilities as a wife and boss (at The Honest Company). She also says she loves playing characters that are the opposite of her persona – “badass or promiscuous” were her exact words. Then she likened acting to “a drug”.

It’s part of the double angle Jessica Alba has been trying to play for a while – modern Earth Mother entrepreneur / actress who’s super picky and only works when she really loves the material.

Except um…. PEOPLE doesn’t mention any of her movies. And when was the last time anyone rushed out to see a “Jessica Alba movie”? To be fair, 2014 seems busier for her than 2013 – she has a miniseries and a few films in post-production (the only one that rings a bell is another Machete Kills).

As I was looking her up, a list of “related actresses” pulled up as well. That included Amanda Seyfried, Natalie Portman and Olivia Wilde.  That’s an extremely generous algorithm.

In the last 5-6 years, Alba has had kids and built The Honest Company – no small feat – but she certainly hasn’t been killing it on the acting front. So why act like you are? Is it part of a strategy – if I behave like I’m in demand, people will treat me like I am? Does she think no one will notice that she barely works in films? And seriously – maybe staying with TV isn’t so bad! Steady paycheck, consistent hours, and the possibility of an amazing character. Why do they fight it? I think for her, she worries that it would be a step back because she started on Dark Angel.

One thing she doesn’t have to worry about is fading from the spotlight. She is a favourite – on talk shows, at parties, at award ceremonies, at the playground, at the pumpkin patch…are you curious to see how she’ll get around PEOPLE Magazine’s “new” paparazzi laws. I can’t recall an interview  where she’s ever complained about paps  (perhaps she has and I missed it), but in 2012 she did talk to Parenting magazine on how she handles it. Do you think she’s sending Kristen Bell a fruit basket today? I doubt it.

Attached – Alba heading to Paris for fashion week.


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