Jessica Alba isn’t getting many parts. Just like Jessica Biel. They simply can’t compete with their contemporaries. But Alba has two things working for her that Biel doesn’t: she’s a mother now and she kissed the ass of a proper filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez (I always get confused when I go shopping). 

Alba worked for Rodriguez in Sin City, again in the soon to be released Machete, and now Rodriguez is planning Spy Kids 4. Guess who he’s hired as the lead? 

Jessica will play a former spy who is called back to duty even though she has a baby and stepchildren. We’re appealing to the Family audience now. And, well, it’s a smart move. It’s work. It’s cash money. It’s conceding that the prestige pictures just aren’t happening. And if you ask her these days, being Latina probably doesn’t suck so hard anymore, does it? 

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