Oh look.

Another celebrity is about to become an author.

Because we need MORE books, right? Ask Fran Lebowitz:

“There are too many books, the books are terrible, and it’s because you have been taught to have self-esteem.”   

God that is such a great quote. And note too - it is NOT a typo. There are too many books and too much self-esteem. And because the self-esteem is so strongly encouraged, people believe that, naturally, everyone will want to read what they write. That they OWE IT TO THE WORLD to share their writing.

So, you know, with Jessica Alba’s book, it’s like she’s doing YOU a favour.

Alba’s book will be called The Honest Life and it’s about her “mission of creating a natural, non-toxic life for her family”.



There will be recipes and tips about flax seeds. Something about building furniture that’s only made with the cleanest of materials. Because you have so much time in your day for that.

But it’s a living, isn’t it?

It’s a living when no one will hire you as an actor, and certainly not with the frequency you expected. Which is why being a mother became the career. Which is why I’ll never feel bad looking at pap shots of Alba with her daughters because, guess what? She needs to me to. She needs you to. And in looking at those pictures, she wants us to want to be her, to want to model her, to start living her Honest Life for $39.99.

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