As Marchesa goes, I guess it isn’t the worst. And the colour is gorgeous. And she is gorgeous in it. 

Here’s the pregnant Alba, glowing tonight on the carpet. LOVE the braids. Not so much tied back into that big nest by her neck but the middle part feels soothing. Like it somehow tempers that bitch inside of her that desperately needs to yell at someone at least once an hour.

But seriously…why does she keep getting invited back? Jessica Alba makes sh*t movies. Sh*t movies that don’t earn at the box office. She’s actually fronting a box office flop right now called They Eye. So how come she gets to come year after year? 

You will note – about Marchesa. Marchesa designed by Georgina Chapman, married to Harvey Weinstein.

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Alba is a Harvey girl – a dangerous man to get into bed with. Personally and professionally.