Fighting Her Place

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2007 00:00:00 May 4, 2007 00:00:00

Jessica Biel, somehow making it onto the cover of Elle this month, dishing on her career – again, like a broken record, yet another tv girl wanting to be more. When will they ever stop?

There’s a difference, you know? Between knowing your place and fighting your place. Jessica Biel is fighting her place. Jessica Biel says she’s losing out on parts because of her body, because after Esquire named her the Sexiest Woman Alive, she became too sexy for certain parts:

"[One director told me,] "I"m not looking for the sexiest woman; I"m looking for the girl next door”. So…does the girl next door walk her dog? Play with her dog on the beach? Work out at the gym? Crazily enough… yes! And crazily enough, Jessica Biel happens to be photographed all the time doing those things.

Coincidence or conspiracy or pretty f&cking audacious?

Apparently she coveted a role in The Other Boleyn Girl:

"Parts I really want aren"t going to me. Like The Other Boleyn Girl with Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. I don"t want to say that there"s nothing I love that I can"t have. But there"s still the occasional script that the director doesn"t want to see you for. They want that top tier of girls."

That’s right honey. That top tier of girls. Of which she is not a part. Of which she will never be a part…and yet again, there is a difference between acceptance of your place and challenge of your place. Jessica Biel is mounting a challenge. Jessica Biel wants to belong in the Top Tier. So while – bless bless – she may not have secured a role (can you imagine???) in The Other Boleyn Girl this time, she will be gunning for a spot in its equivalent next time.

And that is a problem.

Because to do that you actually have to be able to act. Pouting is not acting. Working out and having a shelf ass and maybe dating Justin Timberlake is not acting. It is however a ticket to cementing yourself as the girl with the body, the sexy girl with a great bottom…period. See how everything comes back to the beginning?


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