Always good for a surprise or two and this year the best chance for my Borat to be honoured. I think he’ll take Best Actor in a Comedy even in the face of formidable competition from Johnny’s Captain Sparrow. But the question is: will Sacha come as Sacha or will Sacha arrive as Borat? Well…given that Isla Fisher will be on his arm, chances are Borat will either be stuck in Kazakhstan or at an Anti-Gypsy Conference discussing effective eradication options. Hee. And the long list of megastar attendees continues to expand – Renee Z and Jennifer Garner have been confirmed to present, Jamie Foxx, Diddy, and Spielberg also announced, and Jessica Biel too – riding the coattails of her Bubble Butt all the way to “Movie Stardom”. I mean seriously, other than work her ass off…literally…what has Jessica Biel done for you lately??? Other than piss off Lindsay Lohan? My sources say our Lilo has been lobbying HARD for presenter duties only to be told she’s not quite ready and it’s obviously not sitting very well, especially since all her new BFFs, including Cam, Drew, and Sienna have all been invited. Look for Lindsay the Unstable to take out her frustration on Jessica (who hired her old assistant) at an afterparty – will keep you posted. The most obvious rivalry to watch: Beyonce vs Jennifer Hudson. B’s Oscar chances have all but evaporated with most analysts predicting Mirren, Streep, Winslet, Cruz, and Dench as the Five to watch when the Academy unveils its nominees. Hudson’s momentum on the other hand shows no signs of slowing down and all smutty eyes will be on Beyonce’s clenched jaw, tonight on the red carpet, when she’s asked to pose next to her nemesis, watch that body language, see how close she comes to blowing her stack. As for Dreamgirls the movie, marked early on for Oscar gold - it’ll definitely triumph at the Globes but now that it’s underperforming at the box office (still has not topped $100 million domestically or the #1 spot after 5 weeks), and given that it will be up against the Dramatic Contenders as the Academy shrinks everything down to one category, suddenly the musical doesn’t seem like such a lock. Oh yeah, and it sucked too. Other intriguing possibilities: publicists working overtime to coordinate separation for Cam and Pip, Sienna Miller throwing herself at everyone, Joaquin and Reese – now that she’s single, can she regain his favour? Can he forgive her 2006 Sellout? But by far, for me at least, the most highly anticipated showdown has to be La Lopez and The Vampire vs Ben and Jen Boring…the first time since the glory days of Bennifer that the Anthonys and the Afflecks have crashed the same party. As you know, Jennifer Garner subscribes to my Gwyneth’s “no love in public” approach, but with JLo throwing down the gauntlet on that carpet, do not be surprised if Taupe conveniently puts aside the Anti-Fame Philosophy and smiles pretty for the cameras WITH Ben by her side. And finally the Pitts. Much has been made of Angelina’s dress – a one of a kind St John especially designed for the occasion, the Perfect Political Wife on Campaign Trail with Hubby, full sales pitch turned ON and look for it gossips… look for some killer cut-eye being exchanged with Courteney Cox. Now THAT is the CageMatch I’d pay to see. Complete awards coverage tomorrow including every bitchy moment…stay tuned.