Jessica Alba says she doesn’t want to be a sex symbol, that she fancies herself an actor, wants serious roles, does not appreciate pappy attention… 

At the same time, whenever she has a movie to promote, somehow she appears on magazine covers wearing very little clothing. Kinda like Jessica Biel: wanting more but knowing the TV Girl Truth – at the heart of it, there’s only the Body.

But what a body it is. 

Here’s Jessica heating up the pages of GQ, raising temperatures at the beach, in a variety of sweaty wanton poses that show off her undeniable acting abilities. 

I’m particularly fond of the one with suspenders, drops of moisture glistening off her curves, head thrown back, lips slightly parted, trying to memorise her lines, perhaps preparing for a Scorsese audition…or maybe even Spielberg. Something of quality of course, like her upcoming feature Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook. She plays the object of his desire and rumour has it, she wasn’t too pleasant on that set, believing she was “too good” to have to stoop to that kind of role…because she could totally contend with Cate Blanchett.