I’m sorry… I don’t mean to mean. I’m sure she’s lovely. I really do think she has a lovely bum. But…um…like… what’s with the recent overkill? A movie that died at the box office, in which she was hardly remarkable, and weekly photos of her showing off her muscles at the beach, and all of a sudden JT is tapping that ass and Oscar wants a presenter? I’m telling you – it’s the Paris Hilton factor. It’s because she lowered the standards for everyone. And a girl like Jessica Biel is opportunistically reaping the rewards under the brilliant guidance of her agent. But here’s what’s vexing me: do you remember what she wore to the Oscars??? Do you remember the atrocity??? Do you need a refresher? The fuchsia, the crimped hair, the hermified muscles popping across the carpet? What do we think of a Best Dressed List that included her on it? What does that say about any Best Dressed List that chose her dress as one of the evening’s finest? Can we really trust People Magazine? Especially when they listed Cate Blanchett BEHIND Jessica Biel??? …tha f&ck? And it gets worse. The same girl who made the colossal mistake of wearing THAT to the greatest honour of her life was somehow seated front row at the Stella McCartney show today…and after only 3 minutes, she had to be excused, committing a huge fashion faux pas in front of a very particular Parisian audience. The official word is that she fell ill. Why she chose to fall ill after the runway was already occupied is beyond me. Clearly more drama to this girl than originally thought? I have a feeling it’s only the beginning… which I suppose isn"t surprising, considering she"s famouse these days, really, for doing nothing, why expect her to actually WORK to earn some status??? Source