For three nights during TIFF, Bonyan Films has sponsored parties at the Park Hyatt rooftop – always the hottest celebrity destination at the end of the night, attracting the likes of Kate Hudson, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Adrien Brody, pretty much every star who has come through the festival and a few super producers too. Like Harvey Weinstein on Monday night.

Bonyan Films is a film production company based in Dubai run by an Iranian-Canadian woman called Tandees Tanavoli – a woman in a male-dominated region and a male-dominated industry. Cool, non?

She’s been drawing the kind of talent many promoters wet dream about…

And the last two nights have been no exception.

Monday it was Easy Virtue starring Shelfy Biel, Colin Firth, and Ben Barnes.

Colin and Ben were mingling openly with everyone else up in the lounge. At 2am he was still engaged in conversation seated on a white leather couch with another man looking handsome and dashing and I tried to imagine sitting on his lap and the visual totally makes sense. I could see myself on his lap, right at home, cradled in one arm, playing with his fuzzy beard. Gah!

As for Ben Barnes? For whom many of you are quivering? Was never into it until I saw him in person. In person?

So… f7cking… beautiful. And legitimately tall. And what makes him better in real life is that he actually looks older. And more… authentic. Less like an infant in a cartoon.

Ben is sweet. He came into our eTalk Lounge, polite and humble and as I walked past him I remember thinking he smells really clean. Smelling clean is hot. He was in great spirits up at Hyatt that night, laughing, chatting, didn’t see him hooking up if that’s any relief for the ladies?

And then there’s the Shelf Ass. To me her red carpet appearance was rather underwhelming. The dress on anyone else would probably have been a knock out. On her? Meh. Boring as sh8t and clearly not all that tight with her co-stars.

She was missing from the Hyatt and while there was buzz that she was on her way, I left at 2am and she still hadn’t arrived and she left town the next morning, probably in a hurry back to the Pip to make sure her clinging lock on him is as secure as ever.

But check out the shot of Ben (exclusive photo from Punkd Images) at the airport on his way out of here yesterday. Yeah ok, I quivered a little.

Photos from and PunkD Images