My Goddess, would you get a load of that ass? Definitely not my favourite body type and a little frightening, to be honest with you, but hey - I suppose a girl who works out like a maniac is better than a girl who never eats…right? Besides, I think it"s a super smart career move. From a dainty, all American, pretty girl perspective, Jessica Biel is never going to rival her contemporaries - the Kate Bosworths, the Lindsay Lohans, not even the Anna Hathaways. Therefore, what she"s doing is carving out a spot for herself as an "action girl". The ass kicker, the stunt master, a believable actress with an attractive enough face that can play the blow "em up, rig "em up, "beat the sh*t out of the bad guy" girl. Very smart, don't you think? She's WORKING! She's making movies! Can you say the same for Tara Reid??? Anyway, thought it might be fun to compare and contrast asses. Enjoy!