Aside from that minor blip after the Globes – losing her sh-t over Jessica Biel – the way Cam has handled her Pipsqueak heartbreak has been a pleasure to watch…though she scares me with that smile. But I digress. Two weeks in Hawaii with a surfer hunk, then NYC with her girl Drew, hitting the gym hardcore…and the most brilliant move – getting frisky with an Oscar nominee. And not just ANY Oscar nominee but with Djimon Hounsou, one of the sexiest men, like, eh-vah. Not familiar? Two words: In America. If you haven’t…see it. Djimon is The Hotness. And the Hermyness was all over him or rather, they were all over each other at Hyde last Thursday. Though her reps deny romantic links, suffice to say, Cameron’s Man Agenda has been largely improved by the exit of the Pip and the entrance of not one but two (or more) real manly men…and flirting with The Piv during NBA All Star Weekend doesn’t hurt either. Because although Jeremy Piven ain’t no teenypop prom king, you can’t deny … Ari Gold is still a sex god in his own unique way. Source