Jessica Biel clung on long enough to secure, finally, a proposal from Justin Timberlake. And the news happened to break on the week Drew Barrymore also announced her engagement while the world waited on the arrival of the B.I.C.

Now , a week later, Jessica’s triumph has found its way onto the cover of a magazine.

Yay, right?


Check out the front page of the new issue of Us Weekly. It’s not exactly a champagne flute up in the air, you know? Not when the headline is less about celebrating their happy news and more about reminding her that HE’S A CHEATER WHO MIGHT DO IT AGAIN. It’s like sending her a congratulations card that says, Are you sure you really want to do this?

According to Access Hollywood, Jessica will be at the Golden Globes as a presenter on Sunday in support of the upcoming Playing The Field, co-starring Gerard Butler. I haven’t seen an official confirmation from the HFPA but I do know that as of yesterday afternoon, publicists all over Hollywood were still scrambling to line up their talent as presenters, trading back and forth with the event and network on names and lists. Remind me to write about the negotiation process. Fascinating.