Chip & Pepper, premium denim designers - did you know they were Canadian? Two crazy bitches… they were with us at the Junos, doing fashion commentary for eTalk, are now opening up their own stores, and will be launching their own line for JC Penney – huge, lucrative deal that will add to an already overwhelming workload on top of catering to the likes of Jessica Biel Scarlett Johansson. Apparently, C&P’s are Scarjo’s favourites. She’s been known to send them sweet “thank you” notes praising their fit.

Needless to say…they’re busy. Too busy for Posh?

I hear they were her first choice for production of her new denim label after she soured on Rock & Republic. Word is she contacted them through Creative Artists and Chip and Pepper were like: ummm…we’re swamped…and why would we need to market jeans for you when every other celebrity already wears ours?

So rumour is they referred her to another Canadian company called 1921 based in Winnipeg now signed to produce her designs which will certainly be fashionable but perhaps not so functional?

Here’s Victoria still on vacay in France. Today it’s paragliding in a yellow coat and black ski pants. Don’t know about you but when I go skiing, I like having my skin covered. Especially my stomach. Getting snow around your waist is the worst feeling ever, non?

But those concerns are for mere minions. And my Posh will always live for Fashion Over Function. So don’t think for a second the low rise and the exposed strip of midsection wasn’t deliberate. The outfit just looked better that way, you know?