Why is Jessica Biel so desperate to have Justin Timberlake at her side on Oscar Sunday? Well, let’s see. She’s supposed to be a movie actor now but Easy Virtue still hasn’t hit theatres and the other movie she had in the can, Powder Blue – it’s apparently going straight to DVD. Remember she plays a stripper? And a few months ago they released a trailer featuring her stripping seasons to try and generate interest?


I wrote the other day that Pippy has the Midas Touch. The one exception to his success however seems to be his girlfriend. No matter how hard he tries, how he helps to pimp, he still can’t get that sh-t off the ground.

So for those of you who keep asking: the famewhoring, we know what’s in it for HER, but what’s in it for HIM?

For him I think it’s ego.

JT needs to be the one who can build them and create them: I can make you. I can break you.

Can’t you hear him saying it?

Oscar rumour of the day: that Pips has agreed to walk with his herm on the Kodak carpet and will do an “impromptu but planned”, pulled up on stage, sing and dance number with Hugh Jackman. Sounds like bullsh-t though stranger things have happened. And he’d never turn down that invitation either.

Keep you posted.

Photo from Flynetonline.com