Happens to the most hardcore of horndogs – stuck in a longterm relationship, as soon as he springs loose he humps everything in sight. I call it Freedom F&cking and even though he’s rumoured to have strayed occasionally during the Alanis engagement era, Ryan Reynolds is certainly making up for lost time now.

First the unworthy Jessica Biel, then supposedly a string of no name tarts in LA, and thanks to my girls SR and Kay in Austin, he was seen the other night at Cuba Libra making out with a very attractive civilian who hung off his every word.

48 hours later, Ryan was apparently lighting up NYC with Scarlett Johansson. But given he was shoving his tongue down someone else’s throat just 2 days before, I wouldn’t start marrying them off just yet. Especially since she’s not exactly an exclusive girl herself. What’s more - Scarlett also happens to be Harvey Weinstein’s latest golden girl…and Harvey’s properties never launch a movie without the intrigue of a “new romance”, you know what I mean?