His bike.

Did she know that Justin Timberlake would be at the MTV Movie Awards presenting with Mila Kunis and spending the weekend promoting Bad Teacher with his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz? Oh, I’m sure she had some idea.


What did Shelfy get up to?

Jessica Biel was photographed out for a ride on the back of Gerard Butler’s bike. Unfortunately I cannot afford those photos. My business is on a budget. And they’ve already been secured by the Daily Mail and then another blog for, literally, thousands of dollars. I’m pretty confident though that you’re ok with me spending my money elsewhere, later, on a more worthwhile fake hookup? Or some Pitt Porn when it happens? Yes.

By the way, and here’s a little piece of information you might find interesting, this is the same photo agency that keeps shooting LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian exclusively during their private moments. On the beach. My favourite set was the engagement. Click here to see the totally authentic candid pictures. They’re HILARIOUS.

And click here to see photos of Jessica going for a spin with Gerry.

Shelfy met Spittle of course on the set of their new film Playing the Field. There have been rumours that they’ve been doing it since production started, but that was also timed around her breakup from Justin with everyone assuming that she’d been ditched.

After their ride though, Gerry took off for Maui without Jessica who stayed behind in LA for acting class from where the paps once again saw her leaving on Saturday, diligently working on her “craft”. Gerry meanwhile is surfing and shirtless – click here to see because I’m not buying those either – and...well... I really hope they don’t release some silly story about how “Gerard Butler looks lonely and misses Jessica Biel in Hawaii, has no eyes for other women!” because, I mean, if there’s a man out there who hooks up, wherever he is, and isn’t discerning about it... it’s Gerry B. Unless of course, something “strspecial” enough comes along and becomes his Bonafide. Jennifer Aniston tried that story and no doubt Shelfy’s using the same card too. Why not just get back together with Chris Evans?

Photos from GSI Media