She is still his girlfriend again. And they’ve been inseparable now for about two weeks - around town in New York, pretty low key all things considered, and now back in Toronto as she continues to work on Total Recall. Am told they spent a lot of time on Queen West the two days, and they were papped on Sunday so you will be seeing photos soon enough as confirmation although the images will probably be held back until the magazines close tonight.

Amazingly enough, I’m told that the photographers who shot them yesterday were NOT called in advance by Jessica Biel’s people. Rather, the photographers were tipped off by neighbourhood gossips. I know. My mouth is open too. And they were not photographed at all during their time in New York. What?!

I wonder if this is a new condition. Imposed by him, of course, to limit the amount of coverage she can leverage from their relationship. “I’ll be your secret boyfriend.” Well, she’ll have him any way she can get him.

Here’s the thing about breaking up after a long time and then getting back together - it either cements the end or it leads to the ultimate permanent. Jessica Biel is banking on the ultimate permanent with Justin Timberlake. And since she’s no longer allowed to arrange so many pictures anymore, these are the rumours that will soon start circulating. When will Justin propose?

File photo from Larry Busacca/