Like Renee Z, Pippy also hopped on The A-Team promotional tour to accompany his girlfriend in Paris. Last night they went for dinner with friends, taking care to exit their car separately so as not to be photographed together.

Following my review of The A-Team last week – click here to read – I received several messages wondering why there was no mention of Shelfy. Well, because the character the way she played it could have been played by anyone.

She however seems to find great meaning in her role. It’s The A-Team, right? The way she’s talking it’s like she just made The Hurt Locker:

"This character is not gratuitous. She's not there to look cute and be pretty and be a girl thrown into the mix. She's really there for a plot reason. She's the lynchpin of the story."

Here’s the video.


Lynchpin? Call me biased but I don’t think you’ll find ANYONE who would call her character the “lynchpin” of the story. Besides, what was the story? There was no story. Since Shelfy isn’t getting the Hathaway/Knightley/Portman parts though, this is her way of pretending that her movies are like Rachel Getting Married and Atonement, even if the critics don’t agree.

“Biel needs careful handling as an actress, and Carnahan is not the one to give it to her. And so with this film, she assumes the crown once held by Jessica Alba, as the movie star with the most profound inverse relationship between her good looks and her acting ability.” (Source thanks Jennifer B!)

Yes, she looks great. But no, this girl cannot perform. Her skills are limited to campy horror. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You’ve seen her audition for Get Smart, now watch her audition for Chainsaw, a role she was indeed successful for because, well, you know. Just me or were her lips smaller back then?

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