Jessica Biel was all over New York at the shows yesterday. She’s thinnified her body, she’s in with Wintour thanks to Justin Timberlake, now she’s trying to reinvent herself as a fashion girl, understanding that many of her more talented peers have signed prestigious endorsement contracts. Always attempting to be considered on their level, Shelfy is courting the fashion community, a new career strategy conveniently supported by her boyfriend’s growing brand. Again. Overreaching.

And about that growing brand, Pip’s new William Rast collection was presented yesterday. Clinger was in the front row trying to control her swollen Third Lip. Jesus. That bitch is real, right? So proud and so prominently on display, milking her moment in the sun, reminding us all who she’s dating.

She’s dating a primadonna. According to Page Six JT required gag orders from all staff and decided to cram all the workers and models into a small space while he occupied most of the studio for his own ego. Never mind that the clothes needed to be sewed and set properly, never mind that those helping to promote him in the best way possible were relegated to sweatshop status. Not much southern hospitality there.

Photos attached of Pip and his best friend and business partner Trace Ayala on the runway, and Shelfy in her seat, and the two of them leaving the venue at the end of the night. Also just a short while ago this afternoon leaving his residence. She’s not wearing jeans this week.

Can we go back to her Lip?

That sh-t is expanding.

Photos from Stefan Gosatti/Neilson Barnard/Andrew H. Walker/ and Jackson Lee/