Apparently they’re about to move in to his new New York apartment together and are tentatively doing so in LA as well. This would mean making sure her remaining dog, the one that ate her 2nd dog, killing it tragically as she was negligently in the other room, will have to live in peace with Justin’s two pooches.

So Shelfy and Pips took them all for a walk today. She was kind enough to give us several views from behind. Why? Because, really, there isn’t much work ahead. She still isn’t being considered for the parts she wants. She’s still losing out on those ones to the girls who always get them. And worse still, as if Natalie Portman and Scarjo and Keira weren’t enough to contend with, she now has to worry about Anne Hathaway. Rumour has it Anne will soon be booked for something Jessica Biel has had her eye on for a long time. Am told she is livid. Look for more shenanigans to follow.

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