Jessica Biel was photographed leaving a meeting yesterday in Hollywood. I like the pants. She looks good. And lean but not as skinny as she’d become last year when she seemed to be forcing her body into the form that’s been assumed by so many of her contemporaries, forgoing the tight, athletic build for which she’d become famous.

Curiously enough, that transformation cost her some of the man vote. I was at an event the other day with the editor for a men’s magazine where they compile votes on the hottest this and the hottest that and we discussed the girls who are getting all the attention these days and when Biel came up, he said she peaked 3 years ago and has since become “too generic”.

Olivia Munn on the other hand...

Well, check out Olivia Munn’s body on the Miami set of Magic Mike. That girl enjoys her sweets and looks sick in a bikini. Knows how to tell a good fart joke too. And she can roll with the boys on the game consoles.

Oh riiiigggghhhht. And she also f-cked Justin Timberlake. Who just got back together with Jessica Biel.

So is that why Jessica Biel has decided she might want to go back to being athletic with a few curves again? Is that what we’ll see in 3 months?

Tough call.

Because on the other hand there’s Mila Kunis.

Mila or Olivia?

Ironically enough, that’s the same question Justin was asking himself too.