Jessica Biel was photographed at Miami airport yesterday. Apparently she was flying off to an island in the Caribbean for some relaxation after having spent the last few weeks on set in Louisiana shooting a movie called Playing The Field with Gerard Butler’s Spittle.

Since that can’t have been hard work, I’m assuming the relaxation that’s required is a result of her recent split from Justin Timberlake. As we know, as we all know, he was the leaver, and she was the left behind, and it always, always sucks harder to be the left behind. It takes way, way longer to get over. Truth, but you never want to let them see.

So here she is, heading for holiday, and, you know, there just happened to be a photographer around and according to the photographer’s caption, there’s supposedly a “love interest” who was on the same flight. The alleged love interest however was not shot. Instead, Shelfy decided to pose with a book called Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. Because you know she’s deep like that. Certainly more subtle than Kellan Lutz, who set a world record in pathetic tree/book posing, but still…

Does she really need to be leaning up against some random wall reading her spirituality book when a seat facing a corner– or an airline lounge, how about that for a novel idea? – would have afforded her much more privacy? I guess she’d rather be associated with Kellan Lutz. Shame.

There was a question yesterday during the liveblog from a reader called Di who asked:

Can we talk PR strateegery? A friend of mine keeps saying some celebrities in LA call photographers to tell them where they're going to be but I don't believe it. Aren't the photogs everywhere anyway? And the pictures that actually sell and show up are based on demand and not necessarily what's available?

Miami airport isn’t exactly an everyday stop for paps. Usually they’re there when they get tipped off. And these photos are exclusive to one agency. Which means somehow that one dude, he decided to just hang out there all day on a gut shot…while his competitors were out there hustling the usual routes? Please. That’s no happy accident.

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