Jessica Biel was in New York today, making an appearance at Good Morning America before speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative later on. Jessica is involved with WomenCare Global’s new educational campaign called If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will that aims to encourage women and girls to learn more about their bodies and the social and health issues that affect them, to talk about challenges that specifically affect a woman’s ability to take care of her own body.

True story: I have a close friend who went to the drug store not too long ago to ask for Plan B, the morning after pill. She was judged by the pharmacist, a man, who tried to make her feel like she was a dirty whore. This happened in Toronto. Why was this asshole such a f-cking asshole? My friend understands her body and her rights and she behaves with informed agency. But what about the women who are still getting there, who are still learning? What would have happened if they ran into that dick that day? How would that have affected her CHOICE?!

These are the conversations that we have to keep having so that women, some day, don’t have to deal with douchebags who judge us for making decisions for our bodies, our lives.