Jessica Biel’s Au Fudge finally opened in LA last night. She was seen earlier in the day on Tuesday running errands and then later in the evening, in white, attending the party. On Instagram Au Fudge is described as "a community clubhouse adults and children alike will enjoy”. Jessica told PEOPLE last year that she wanted to “create a place where you bring your kids or your girlfriend. It's for the adults. But you have to do something for the kids so they can be happy and have fun, so we can be happy and have fun." So now I’m picturing a Chuck E Cheese but with gourmet food and cakes. It’ll be a hit in LA. And if it’s a hit in LA it’ll be a hit for the MiniVan Majority. In two years, Jessica Biel might just be a lifestyle mogul too, like Jessicas Simpson and Alba. Is it the name? Does the MiniVan Majority love the name Jessica? A question for Duana.

As for Justin Timberlake, haven’t seen any pictures of him there. He was playing at the Pebble Beach Pro Am this weekend. Maybe he didn’t want to take away from her moment? Please. When has that ever been an issue for him?