This is Jessica Biel out in West Hollywood yesterday wearing a “Justin” necklace. This of course is nowhere near as sweet and romantic as Slum Lover giving Jennifer Lopez a bear necklace for her birthday to go with her bear birthday cake. What else? A “bear2bear” tattoo? The crazy thing is...that might actually happen.

As for Jessica, she’s currently out on promotion for Total Recall. Not the most engaging interview. Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it with respect to Justin Timberlake. Because, as we know about Justin Timberlake, only he’s allowed to sparkle in a relationship. The other person’s job is to admire him.
And bake for him.

Indeed, Biel has joined the growing list of female celebrities who are sharing their kitchen-loving activities as a public relations tool:

“I’m not a great baker yet. Baking is really very mathematical and I’m terrible at math. I’m a really good loaf person. I do loaves — but sweet loaves — like zucchini loaf or banana loaf or banana blueberry loaf. It’s really good!” (Source)

Maybe Kristen Stewart should put on an apron and start kneading dough.