Of course she was. Her publicist always comes up with an excuse.

So Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake was in Vegas all last week for his golf tournament which culminated yesterday. Saturday night, as previously mentioned, he and his friends performed at Mandalay Bay to raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Shrinking Ass Jessica Biel was in New York the whole time. She had a Live Earth gig on Tuesday but was free from film requirements every day after that. And still, she was NOT seen in Vegas.

Now you know Biel. You know if it had been up to her, she’d have been sewn on to his pant leg. This is how it used to work. Instead however, her people claim she’d enrolled in a Broadway Workshop.

Oh honey, please.

Just because Daniel Craig and Jackman and Jude and Sienna, just because they’re all doing it, doesn’t mean you can do it too. Who keeps filling her head with these delusions of average? Never mind grandeur. Average is Jessica Biel’s summit. Average is not good enough on stage. Especially now that she’s losing her best feature.

The Thinnification continues: a dwindling frame, a receding rear end, Biel is in danger of not having anything to sell – no relationship, no body, and definitely no talent.

But it’s good to keep busy during rejection. Because it’s certainly smelling like rejection, non?

This is Jessica arriving back in Vancouver on Sunday, so skinny, to resume work on A-Team. Shortly after touching down, she and her assistant were spotted at a restaurant in Kits. Apparently she looked listless and bored, barely touching her food.

Pippy, have pity.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images