She did.

I know.

My blood is boiling too.

Shelf Ass Jessica Biel sat town with the LA Times to promote her gig at the Hollywood Bowl – she’s performing in Guys & Dolls and everyone involved in the production has been raving about her “silvery” voice, her range, her pipes. They make her sound like Whitney Houston singing the national anthem.


As usual, Shelfy takes the interview opportunity and turns it into self defence, ONCE AGAIN lamenting about her good looks and how her beauty has been an obstacle to success in film. Because Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley are f-cking ugly?


But Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley can act.


Shelfy thinks she can act too.

This must be why she thinks she’ll be around for a long, long time. If she keeps clinging to Justin Timberlake, f-ck us, she will be around for a long, long time. Laughably however she believes it’s talent that will be the key to her staying power. Her own talent. The kind of talent that puts her in the same league as Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett…?

"I want to be able to keep working until I'm 105 years old. I want the choice. It's difficult for women in general in entertainment. They peak earlier and the men peak at 30, 40. It's kind of scary. But you can't tell Meryl Streep she can't do a part. You can't say to Cate Blanchett 'I don't believe her in that.' They do anything they want because they have explored the range, which is endless for them. That's what I want."


The f-ck???????????

Hate her now if you didn’t hate her before. It’s blasphemy what’s come out of that famewhoring mouth. Blasphemy. These are the moments when your hand is itching to slap.

Why is she trying so hard and talking out her ass?

I’m told by infallible sources that she’s getting really, really, really hard up for a role. She’s willing to do anything for a role. Her frustration is apparently mounting, as she gets passed over for project over project, her favourite excuse now is that it’s Hollywood that doesn’t “get” it. That the Hollywood system is to blame. Hollywood is to blame for holding back the next Meryl Streep.

Don’t lie. I know you want to punch.

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