Vulture’s latest edition of The Star Market is dedicated to the career of Mrs Justin Timberlake. Their assessment isn’t super flattering, at least not professionally. There are of course several mentions of who she’s married to and how beautiful she is but on the matter of the work, and whether or not the work has any value, well...

Citing comments from industry producers, agents, and publicists, the word on Mrs Timberlake is that “she’s a lovely face and gets you some publicity....(She and Jessica Alba) they’re pretty faces who’ve yet to score. But she will get booked on Live! With Kelly and Michael."

A “high level” PR flack went so far as to say that it was a mystery why Mrs Timberlake is famous.

"Dating Justin is a big part of her appeal, but the work does have to speak for itself."

The publicist posited that perhaps it was her agent that was making bad decisions. Another agent, when asked whether or not she’d be a good client, explained:

“She’s beautiful. She’s a celebrity. But would I sign her? She’s a hard one for me. I probably would, because our agency needs people who [always] work. But do I think she can go all the way? I don’t think so. I don’t think she’s an 'actor.'"



Television, of course.

Vulture’s final recommendation:

If we were running Biel's career, we'd try to get her a flashy guest-starring arc on a hot TV drama that would be happy to have her play against type. (Ryan Murphy, have you figured out casting for season three of American Horror Story?) If, in so doing, she can successfully convince casting directors to take her seriously for unusual big-screen roles, then all the better. And if it doesn't work out? Well, Ryan Reynolds will always need someone to woo (in a romcom).

Mrs Timberlake clearly doesn’t agree. As she says in the January issue of ELLE:

“My goal now is to work with great directors. Small role, big role, medium-size role—it doesn't matter. I just want to work with someone who's going to push me to a scary, exciting place that I've never been before."

As for the ELLE photos, Mrs Timberlake was styled by Joe Zee, and well. It’s high fashion, but not the way she tries high fashion. Zee is working with her body, and the body-con shots of her are the ones that work best -- in a bed with no pants on, in a midriff baring bra top, and a wool knit fitted Alaia. A huge improvement on this and, oh God, this.

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