Here it is. The engagement ring Justin Timberlake gave to Jessica Biel. It has remained unseen for a couple of months. So why the underwhelming reveal now?

These photos which include a very clear shot of the stone are exclusive to one agency which is usually the sign of a staged situation. I wonder though if they decided on this route because a better option with a magazine exclusively couldn’t be negotiated. Interestingly enough these shots are being released on a Friday, allowing more than enough time for them to be included in all of next week’s publications.

Let’s take a look then, shall we?

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Some people are into the vintage, some people prefer it ostentatious, some choose the understated approach. Me? This is not my approach. I mean, it’s large, sure, and that helps with the dick swinging, but sometimes large can look fake. And sometimes large can look fake and ugly. Like a play ring. I see this, and all it says it play ring.