You know it’s bad when even is intimating that your now ex-boyfriend cheated on you. When summarising the Biel/Timberlake split, People mentioned the infidelity rumours several times, citing a source who said that Jessica “looked the other way” when Justin cheated. But you knew that already. She needed to be his girlfriend, and just as long as she was the official girlfriend, he could pretty much do whatever he wanted. Needless to say, most people believe then, and probably rightly, that she was the one left behind, the beautiful girl crying in the corner, jilted and lonely.

That is not the opening number you want to kick off your new life as a Single Lady. Time to call the publicist, slap on a big smile.

This is Jessica out for dinner on Saturday night at Entourage Café in LA in high waisted jeans and long feather earrings, all smiles, very pretty without makeup, showing no hint of heartbreak, ready to re-join the scene. Good. At least I hope that’s what she’s doing. Because if she’s trying to make Justin jealous, oh honey, that’s the wrong, wrong move. That boy doesn’t look back. He’s not paying attention. He’s up at Mila Kunis’s house being “friends” for now, and maybe more later. And there’s nothing like the disappointment of trying to make him notice, and finding out that he didn’t.

At the very least then, if she can’t have a better career than Cameron Diaz, she can handle his rejection better than Cammie did. That’s not the model you want to follow.

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