Oh they ruined her birthday didn’t they?

Justin Timberlake was without his Shelf Ass for a week in New York and was papped only twice, quite a departure from the daily sightings that occur when his girlfriend is with him

Jessica Biel arrived in town to celebrate her birthday yesterday. Immediately the two were shot on their way out to celebrate.

Coincidence …or conspiracy?

As you can see, she’s pretending to appear “annoyed” about the presence of photographers. As you can also see, she looks like total sh-t in her man-boots. Dude, I don’t care if Karl himself painstakingly crafted these boots from his own spit and sweat, they are ugly as f-cking sh-t.

Would it kill the Pip to give Shelfy some pointers on style?


He’s #1. Always.

Photos from Ahmad Elatab/SaleemElatab/Splashnewsonline.com