That’s most telling.

But says they’re totally still together. So it must be the truth, right? Shelfy and her publicist want so badly for it to be. But it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. So today, Monday, is a holiday. No one is working, no one is shooting. Shelf Ass Jessica Biel was given a few days off from A-Team. She flew to New York.

Was she there to see JT?


JT is in Vegas. The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open kicked off yesterday, runs until the 18th. He was immaculately dressed and in great spirits at the youth clinic on Sunday.

This is Shelfy hailing a cab in NYC Saturday. She doesn’t get a driver when he’s not around, see?

Last year she moved mountains to trail along his side at the event, making her presence overwhelmingly obvious. This year she hasn’t been able to cling her way there…yet. Perhaps he’ll relent and let her come for a last blast next Sunday to generate some press for his tournament before resuming his slow retreat. Ball-less little punk.

Photos from and ANT GRIFFITH/