There has to be an upside to having your boyfriend cheat on you all over the place. In Jessica Biel’s case, she’s in Paris for Fashion Week, after spending a few days with JT in Vegas at his golf tournament, and was at the Giambattista Valli show today.  I guess? Would that make up for it for you? Like I always say, we don’t live in the same worlds.

As the newly reinstated Official Girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, Jessica isn’t just enjoying the attention of the fashion community, she may also be enjoying the company of one of the most influential figures in the fashion community: Anna Wintour. Jessica’s next release is New Year’s Eve, opening on December 9th.  Then she has the equally eye-rolly Playing the Field with Gerard Butler in March. Not surprisingly then she wants a Vogue. (PS. I like the way she wore flats and is carrying her heels in her hands.)

 If you can stand it without punching yourself in the face, here’s the New Year’s Eve trailer. This is why Ashton Kutcher hates himself.