Mrs Timberlake was out last night at the premiere for her film The Truth About Emmanuel which screened at Sundance and is currently available On Demand. A theatrical release will follow in January, which is typically where/when movies go to die. But, you know, it’s hard out there for an “indie” actress. And I think that’s what she’s calling herself these days. OK.

As you can see, Mrs T looked lovely in a crop top under a black leather jacket with a knee-length skirt. SO pretty. Because her face is pretty. And it’s nice to see it not hidden under that f-cking fringe.

Where’s Mr Timberlake? She supported him and they posed on the carpet together when he was named to the GQ Men of the Year list and at the premiere of Runner, Runner. Oh, RIGHT. It’s HER event, not his. I get it.

But his presence was felt, as it always is. She’s in a black phase – with her holiday decorations (click here to see that post from yesterday) – and her wardrobe now, because it’s all about the black and white Suit & Tie.