Biel leaves with baggage

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 18, 2009 07:08:09 December 18, 2009 07:08:09

A-Team has wrapped in Vancouver and Jessica Biel is out. She left yesterday, did not bother to stay for the afterparty…of course not. Must rush to reattach herself to Pippy’s jheri curl. Skinny and pale, Biel seemed rather fond of her driver as they parted after unloading a ridiculous amount of gear. For someone who was in and out of town and is only a supporting player to the primary cast, she left with a lot of sh-t: ski and snowboard gear, several suitcases and duffels, and yes, even a massage table.

The old Shelf is presumably headed back to LA where she’ll keep getting rejected from serious scripts until she starts shooting F-cking Engaged in which she’ll play a woman about to be married and vowing every day to have sex with her fiancé so they don’t become boring. It’s a promising comedic premise. Terrible casting.

Next release for Biel is the Valentine’s Day ensemble. There’s a rumour that Anna Wintour put her on the cover of Vogue and that that issue will hit newsstands in support of it. Haven’t been able to confirm just yet but if true…well, isn’t it true? That without him she is nothing.

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