A reader called Alisha sent this in yesterday - thanks Alisha! It’s a very thin looking Jessica Biel in Toronto on Sunday at a French pastry house called Nadege. I just saw her three weeks ago in San Diego for Comic-Con. She was thin, yes, but in a healthy way. Like, it wasn’t alarming. Maybe it’s the angle of this shot, but if I were to Photo Assumption, I’d say she’s on the break up diet. After a few days of hope at the beginning of July, he played her again. Maybe it’s starting to sink in for her. But that’s really nothing that Colin Farrell can’t take care of, though I suppose in that sense you’d be exchanging one mind f-ck for another.

So here’s something fun on a slow summer day:

What do you think she ordered?

As Alisha said, whether or not she actually ate it is not known.