At least for a night.

And God, it makes all the difference. Her face, you can actually SEE her face. And it’s a really, really pretty face. And they did a great job with the makeup, now that they have something to work with, now that her hair is styled without that goddamn fringe.

It’s really too bad about her dress. Or dresses. A slasher dress on the carpet and a slasher dress at the after-party and both so super cheap and more suited to the third wife of a billionaire who orders his companions by mail. And I guess that’s about right. Because she’s at the premiere of Playing For Keeps which is, at this writing, generating an amazing 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

At this point, can we lump her in with Katherine Heigl?

No matter. She’s Mrs Timberlake now. Her husband jumped on her head on the cover of PEOPLE. He honoured everyone with his presence at the end of the night. Nothing else is important.