Shelfy has turned up the hustle this week. She’ll be on Ellen, she’ll be on Fallon, and last night she was on Letterman. Showed up in a short skirt and showed off a pair of lovely legs. Up top though…

Maybe not the most flattering blouse? Looks shapeless through the middle.

But whatever. Don’t hate Jessica Biel because she’s beautiful. Remember – her beauty is a burden. It’s held her back from a hidden brilliance of which we’ve been deprived.


And this is most important: she’s Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend. Have you heard?

Just in case you haven’t, she decided to talk about it with Dave last night. But, like, in a totally off-hand, it’s not a big deal kind of way, you know?

Shelfy says she met the Pip through mutual friends. But there are some who say she’d been so desperate to meet him she was actually going from party to party to get it done and when she finally saw an opportunity, she supposedly pretty much offered herself…while he was still with Cameron Diaz. Remember when Cameron flipped out at him at a Globes afterparty after they broke up? Kinda makes sense…

Anyway, Shelf also tells Letterman she couldn’t remember their first date.


Their first date was when she started to matter. For her it’s like a birth date. Who doesn’t remember their birthday?

Anyway, the clip is below. Not super exciting. But you must watch the beginning because she cannot walk in those heels. Further evidence of herm.

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