Shelf Ass Jessica Biel somehow conned her way into a starring role opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Nailed, the first screenplay co-penned by Kristin Gore. No wonder she’s so happily smug…although my sources say, she needs to be careful.

Jakey, you see, is not a fan of her antics. Specifically her paparazzi antics. Especially since inviting the paps around her these days will inevitably expose HIM. And he and Reese like to control their own exposure on their own terms, particularly when it comes to the children.

Shelfy’s approach is more like a free for all – a buffet restaurant where selection is plentiful but quality is compromised. Shelfy’s publicist will call every agency to ensure a large pap presence. Jake and Reese on the other hand like to play favourites. It’s less obvious that way, see?

Will Jakey and Shelfy go head to head on set? Stay tuned…

Shooting is now underway – here’s Shelfy at work yesterday looking…kinda rough.

The body, as usual, is tight. Her rump, of course, is ridiculous. But Shelfy with bangs and no makeup isn’t exactly the effortless beauty they’re constantly trying to ram down our throats.