Justin Timberlake’s good standing with Anna Wintour is yielding many, many benefits for Shelfy Biel. She presented the Womenswear Designer of the Year Awards at the CFDAs last night in New York to Marc Jacobs. So Jessica, she’s some kind of Fashion Person now. Based on what? Oh right, Justin has his own clothing label. And she wore a Prada napkin to the Oscars.

Anna really, really loves Pipsqueak.

Before the event, Biel also stopped by Letterman for an interview to promote The A-Team. She told a story about going snowboarding with her friends and deliberately heading out of bounds and having to call ski patrol for rescue. It’s a great use of emergency services. But she does shout out Vancouver. She also seems to be boring Letterman. Like she can’t keep up with him. Or maybe that’s just me.

All that’s important though is that she looks beautiful. Really great skin, really great hair, and The A-Team opens on Friday.

Photos from Wenn.com