Shelf Ass Jessica Biel hit up a salon yesterday and made sure to show the paps waiting outside that she’d been reading a script while getting her hair done. A script for the sequel to the Love Guru? Because that’s about all she’s being offered these days.

As you can see, Shelfy is in great spirits. Is she getting pretty for his return? After a week or so abroad promoting William Rast – which Lindsay Lohan calls low classy – Justin Timberlake was spotted heading out of Germany this morning en route to London. He was apparently late for the flight and kept the entire plane waiting 20 minutes.

But he’s famous! That means it’s totally ok!

Here he is last night on his last stop in Berlin with his bff and business partner Trace Ayala at a trade show and then surrounded by German flooze at a nightclub later on. Shelfy needn’t worry though. He didn’t look impressed.


Remember this?

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