Photos from Shelfy’s 3 day run at the Hollywood Bowl in Guys & Dolls – and how did she do?

Well the LA Times called her “glowing” – click here to read the review - and focused more on her appearance than her actual performance, although the point of their piece was to say that they were impressed with Jessica Biel.

Theatremania however was less kind:

“Jessica Biel appears uncomfortably stiff as missionary Sarah Brown, missing all the pathos in her character. And while she does possess a pretty voice, it's shaky at times, particularly in the upper register.”

But the MOST IMPORTANT critic, Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake, well he evidently loved it. And if he loved it, that’s all that matters. Radar reports that Pip led a standing ovation for his girlfriend and drove her home afterwards, as she sat smugly in the passenger seat, feeling personally and professionally triumphant, clutching his hand on the centre console as he drove.

Here’s a clip of Shelf during rehearsal to give you a sense of the acting/singing combination. You’ll also really enjoy the interview – right off the top she had to throw this in there about taking voice lessons:

“When I was not busy on a film…or something.”

Yes. We need to be reminded that she’s a movie actor. Especially since she’s in movies so often.

Shelfy wants very, very, VERY badly however for this Hollywood Bowl gig to translate into more offers. So far, none have materialised. She’ll be working it hard though in the coming weeks. Watch.

Photos from Deano /