Jessica Biel is in crisis today. Look out.

There have been rumours swirling for a couple of weeks now that all is not well between JT and Jessica, particularly since she was unable to beg him into attending the Oscars with her. All that however was dismissed quickly…

But now…

The Chicago Sun Times, definitely a step up from Life & Style, In Touch, and Star (bottom feeding rags!), is reporting today that Pips is itching to get out…and that she is clinging even harder!

A source connected to Justin reveals that he’s losing interest. Not surprisingly a source connected to Shelfy says ''I don't think this is true. I was just with them and I've never seen them look happier. ... I think this is someone out to unnecessarily cause trouble.”

Just to make it extra nauseating, Biel’s contact also added that “both (are) very good actors, but I truly think their feelings for each other haven't changed.''

This bitch is good, non? Working on her career even when she’s saving her relationship.

Apparently one reason for Pip’s growing disinterest is that Jessica has been described as “too controlling”. Shocking.

He’s not escaping so easily though, as her friend explained: ''She will do anything to keep Justin. She really loves him very much.''

Terrible, terrible setback for the Shelf and her publicist, especially on the heels of Cameron Diaz’s exuberant appearance last night on Fallon.


What’s the solution?


You don’t need me to tell you.

There will be new loving and affectionate “candids”. Soon. Trust.


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