Jessica Biel took her thick fringe and her large ring to the Laker game yesterday. You don’t go to a Laker game, courtside, without the expectation of being photographed. If she didn’t want you to see, and talk about it, she would have not worn it.

The first photos of the ring were released last week, just in time to make it into all the weeklies on Wednesday. Click here for those images. Now it’s just fortification.

Yes. We are engaged.

Yes. I have him.

Yes. I waited around long enough and was rewarded for my endurance.

Umm...... congratulations?

As rings go, I still think it’s kinda ugly.

Biel has such a pretty face. I mean, really, she really is quite beautiful. Which is why this hair, the heaviness of this hair, I don’t think it does anything for her. If anything, it totally mutes her good looks.