Or biking.

She responds to the whistle. Jessica Biel was sighted on a happy bike ride in New York with Justin Timberlake, neither seeming to be displeased with being photographed, and from the front too, those clever paps able to settle themselves into good position. This of course after Justin was photographed surrounded by beauty last week on the set of Friends With Benefits.

After spending some time, and getting it documented, with her man, Shelfy’s now in Spain promoting the underperforming A-Team with Bradley Cooper, Rampage Jackson, and Sharlto Copley. Not really feeling this one shoulder business on her. You?

As for the Coop...

He occupied the top spot on the 5 for a few weeks. And then, fickle bitch that I am, I stopped caring. Like, not at all. So he’s been replaced. By Garrett Hedlund. I interviewed Hedlund for Tron at Comic-Con. But it was before that. It was when he walked into the Tron Cave. It was over as soon as he came in. Details coming, promise.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com